RP-70 type
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It is a pilot diaphragm type pressure reducing valve, and is suitable for pressure control and temperature control with high pressure and a large amount of steam in industrial steam lines, various production equipment, etc. Designed with the primary goal of reliable operation even at large flow rates, this pressure reducing valve enables precise pressure control by an external detection method.
Where to use
Food equipmentFactory equipment

Major features

  • The diaphragm type provides stable control even in high flow rate applications.
  • It operates stably due to its unique patent-pending structure.
  • It can be used for a wider pressure range and flow rate range.
  • The external inspection type filter makes it easy to inspect the filter.
  • Made in high quality pure Japan.


Product code RP70-L □The symbol of the secondary adjustment pressure range is entered in □.
Adjustment method Adjustable screw type
type Diaphragm type / external detection method
Nominal diameter 15-100 (1/2-4)
Applicable fluid steam
Fluid temperature 220 ° C or less
Primary side applied pressure 2.0MPa or less
Secondary adjustment pressure range L: 0.03 to 0.8MPa, H: 0.8 to 1.4MPa
Minimum differential pressure before and after the valve 0.05MPa
Deadline boost 0.02MPa or less
offset 10% of secondary set pressure (minimum 0.02MPa)
Allowable leakage amount 0.05% or less of the rated flow rate
End connection JIS 20K RF flangeWe also manufacture JIS 10K and 16K RF flanges.
Material body FCD
Material Valve body SUS
Material Valve seat SUS
Material diaphragm SUS
Mounting posture Upright mounting on horizontal piping

Download materials

Download materials

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RP-70 Catalog

RP-70 Price List

RP-70 outline drawing

RP-70 Instruction Manual

RP70-L □

RP70-L Reference drawing (nominal diameter 15-50)

RP70-L Reference drawing (nominal diameter 65-100)

Frequently Asked Questions and Explanations

Is there a leak in the steam pressure reducing valve?

The allowable leakage amount is stated in the specifications of each product.

Does the fluid flow without pressure adjustment?

It doesn't flow. It will flow normally only after adjusting the pressure.

How should I perform maintenance and inspection of the steam pressure reducing valve?

We perform regular maintenance once a year as a guide. Please refer to the instruction manual for details.

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