Disseminating manufacturing technology and possibilities!

Established with the concept of "a factory where you can see and experience" A fluid movement and fluid control mechanism that is difficult to see in everyday life. We have also created an environment where you can actually experience the flow of manufacturing until the valve is made. We will provide learning of "experience" unique to the Innovation Center, which cannot be obtained only by classroom training.

Innovation Center Appearance
Inside view of the Innovation Center
Inside view of the Innovation Center
Inside view of the Innovation Center

At this facility attached to the Sagamihara Factory, you can see not only the training for automatic valves, but also the entire flow from product assembly to shipping. It can be used by the general public regardless of industry or age, including companies that handle automatic valves.
So that many people who come to our facility can come across new learning and discoveries here- "What is fluid control?" "What is manufacturing?" We will prepare an opportunity to experience the essence of it. bottom.
From this Innovation Center, we aim to widely disseminate the power of Japanese manufacturing and to become a useful training facility that will be a place for community with everyone.

Experience-based training center where you can "see and experience" "fluid control" and "manufacturing"

to see

Visually learn the manufacturing process by taking advantage of the characteristics of a "factory to show".

A monitor will be used in the tour booth on the 1st floor to explain the manufacturing process along with a video. In addition, you can see the actual work up close from the booth through the glass, and you can also zoom in from a distance from the camera installed on the ceiling of the assembly area to observe the movement of the operator's hand.
In the seminar room on the 2nd floor, in addition to showing a video that summarizes the manufacturing of our products, we also hold a valve course using slides as a visual teaching material while the instructor gives explanations.

  • Factory tour
  • Slide video training
to see


Check the operation and structure by touching the fluid control technology and the product itself.

In the seminar room on the 2nd floor, you can disassemble and assemble the product under the guidance of the instructor, and actually pick it up to check the structure (mechanism) of the valve.
In addition, you can experience the pressure adjustment using a pressure reducing valve by demonstrating the flow of fluid in the demonstration piping installed on the first floor. If you have a desired product or training content, we will do our best to accommodate it.

  • Valve disassembly and assembly
  • Confirmation of operation and adjustment with the demonstration device

Introduction of facilities

In the floor design that can be used by a small number of people up to 100 people, there is a device that allows the user to spend comfortably.
In particular, we have incorporated various ideas to encourage children and students to become interested in and familiar with manufacturing.

Facility map

At the tour booth, you can tour the assembly area and distribution area of the Sagamihara Factory.
You can observe the flow of manufacturing.

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