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VENN Co., Ltd. has been aiming to be the number one valve manufacturer in Japan since the establishment of Fushiman Valve Mfg. Co., Ltd. in 1950 (Showa 25).
And now, as a fluid control valve specialist, we have gained the support and trust of many customers in Japan and overseas, and we have a strong bond.
We were able to establish a solid position as a leading company in the industry.
This is because we have released discerning products created from our technological, challenging, and solution capabilities.
In the future, it will be indispensable to further expand the research theme to environmental protection, safety and health, and develop and manufacture products that meet the needs of customers and the times.
VENN Co., Ltd. will continue to pursue possibilities for the future with "creation of valuable products" that has not changed since its establishment.

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VENN is a valve manufacturer that mainly manufactures and sells automatic control valves as a company specializing in fluid control valves.

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A reliable network covering the whole country realizes quick product delivery and detailed follow-up.

VENN has sales offices throughout Japan, two factories in Kanagawa and Iwate prefectures, and a branch office in Vietnam. In addition, our authorized dealers are following up with users throughout Japan.

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